HD/TV Services

Many housing communities are switching to a digital satellite service for their television programming. Extensive Networks can convert existing cable systems or plan a new installation for your property. You can eliminate unsightly dishes erected on balconies and railings with an integrated master satellite system.
There are several business models used to deliver TV services. Most hotel, hospital and dormitory applications install a Satellite Master Antenna TV system where all programming is delivered via an in-house mini-cable system. Apartments, condos, patio homes and other Multi-Dwelling Units (or MDU's) are typically wired in a home-run setup, where each unit has the ability to buy different levels of service.

Whether you need a bulk satellite system for a hotel or apartment complex, you will be:

  • Enhancing the entertainment possibilities for your guests or tenants
  • Helping to differentiate your property from others
  • Increasing the value of your property